This We Recall 

"What is justice to you,

Your own medicine


Blinding truth."

- Lana Moon

Winter 2018-19

Volume 4

"We are only 

a few alienated

And a damaged mind

Folding time"

-Tiny Mountain

Winter 2018-19

Volume 4

Trying To Make It Out

"Why is it when people die we drink or get high?

Or pop pills till we no longer asking God why?

Like if it isn't our fault they are no longer alive

Like if we not sinning, putting God's name in vain and still lie."

- Lvelis P 

Winter 2017 Volume 2


"Everything is diffferent now

Everything's changed

What's the thing called age? 

I thought it'd get better with time

But when I look in the mirror 

I can't even recognize my own face

My eyes gone soulless."

- Jamie B 

Winter 2017 Volume 2

Dear Lotus 

"You couldn't be yourself 

And the thought of being "too fat" or "a hoe"

were all just one,

Coming from different people but yet all just one

because in the end 

They were all the same."


-Melody C

Spring 2017 Volume 1

Excerpts from previous issues